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  • How can AutoVM platform install automatically the VM operation system?

In the automatic installation of the operating system, the user, after ordering the product, receives the AutoVM logon by the WHMCS plug-in, and by entering the AutoVM control panel, it will install the operating system required. The process of installing the operating system is automatic and the user completes the process by selecting the operating system.

  • How can AutoVM platform assign the VM IP address?

The IP configuration is applied directly to the virtual server and the launch of the system lacks the need to change the infrastructure of the ESXI virtualization network and is not related to any configurations.

  • How does the virtual server password apply?

The users can enter their own password, from the OS installation process.

  • Is it possible to create a template for AutoVM platform?

Yes, you can customize your template by installing the VMware Tools plugin.

  • What is useful WHMCS plugin feature?

The WHMCS add-on for immediate delivery and processing of issues such as the completion of the due date and provides for some of the issues such as installing the operating system and managing the service in the client area.

  • Which Items is OpenSource On AutoVM platform?

The system administration section, along with the WHMCS plugin, is the completely open source.

  • Is it possible to get a license for unlimited dedicated servers?

No, but if you have a high server number, you can contact the sales department.

  • Is AutoVM platform need a virtual server to launch the?

No, the AutoVM platform can easily be setup on a variety of control panels (such as Cpanel, DirectAdmin, etc.).

  • Is it necessary for each dedicated server to install the system separately?

No, you can manage all your services with one-time system installation.

  • Is there feature for suspending and termination via the WHMCS plugin?


  • Is it possible to use AutoVM platform on the OVH and Hetzner datacenters?

Yes, it is possible to assign MAC address to the IP addresses.

  • Is it possible to use a router and network card other than ESXI default Network?


  • Is it possible to manage the virtual server through the WHMCS client area?

Yes, the ability to install the operating system, view the features and resources of the service, as well as restart, the on / off service is in place.