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What does the AutoVM+ do?

It helps you to automatically provide cloud-based services to the customers. AutoVM is fully compatible with VMware which means you can use all the VMware features to make your own cloud.

What is AVM?

AVM is a tool developed by the python language. It helps you to fetch the identity of each object from VMware. Identities are here to prevent problems when you change the name of an object. Some objects are clusters, hosts, storage, and networks.

* avm list center
* avm list cluster
* avm list section
* avm list storage
* avm list network

How do actions work?

Actions are running in the background which means you don't need to wait for action. You can create multiple actions for as many VMs as you want, AutoVM+ will automatically execute each of them. For example, you want to start a VM but you don't want to wait until the action gets completed so you just need to create an action and leave that alone.

There are some types of actions:

* Install an OS on the VM
* Start VM
* Stop VM
* Reboot VM
* VM will be removed from VMware and the IP address will be available for other VMs.

What about features?

* Prices are here because you need to make difference between SSD and SATA VMs. It's the same as plans which means you can provide some expensive and some cheap VMs to the customers.
* AutoVM will automatically send notifications to the users who have not enough balance. Users must have at least 1 USD in their balance, otherwise, their VMs will be destroyed.
* AutoVM will automatically calculate the price of each VMs and decrease it from the user balance hourly.
* They are the same as resources in VMware. You can use it to create VMs on the vApps or simple resources.
* They are the same as IP pools. It means you can create a new VM without an IP address. AutoVM will automatically find an available IP address from the package that you specified and assign that to the VM.
* Templates are very useful. You can customize an OS and use it as a template so your customers can install it only by one click.
* You can create a bundle on different regions and servers and storage and networks so your customers can create their VMs on it.