Bandwidth on ESXi

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Go to the AutoVM admin area and create a user with admin access, then copy the user token.

Bandwidth configuration should be done per ESXi server.

Enable ESXi server SSH access. (Read how to Enable SSH on ESXi)

Download on your computer, and upload it on one of your ESXi server's datastores.

Connect to your ESXi server through SSH and follow the below steps:

  1. Change DATASTORE_NAME on the below command and enter the datastore that you uploaded the file on it.
  2. Edit
  3. Change TOKEN and replace the token that you created at first.
  4. Becareful about HTTP or HTTPS
$ echo 'sh /vmfs/volumes/DATASTORE_NAME/ TOKEN' > /etc/rc.local.d/ && sh /etc/rc.local.d/