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To deliver the service immediately after ordering, first activate WHMCS by installing the WHMCS Module, and then follow the path listed in the WHMCS system:

Setup -> Products/Services -> Products/Services

Click on the Create a New Product option, and in the Product Type section, select the Dedicated / VPS server option, and then enter a name in the Product Name.

In the Welcome Email section, select the Dedicated / VPS Server Email' option.

On the Module Settings tab, select Autovm in the Module Name menu.

In the serverid box, enter the server number added inside the panel.

  • Each server has a identity number that you need to enter it to your WHMCS module. To view that number go to Dedicated Servers from AutoVM admin area
  • For multi server use comma (,) between serverids (example: 1,2,3) without any space or word

Enter the datastoreid part of your hard drive as serverid.

Do not enter any word in this fields. such as: datastore1. You must enter datastoreid in this field.
  • For multi datastore, use comma (,) between datastoreids (example: 1,2,3) without any space or word
  1. In the Planid section, you can specify the plan you are using and skip the second step, otherwise leave it blank. (Add a plan)
  2. If you use the service as a custom, follow these steps:
    1. Schedule the plan box and leave it blank.
    2. The value of vpsHard should be more than 21 gigabytes.
    3. The phrase vpsRam should be a multiple of 2. (For example: 1024, 2048, ...)
    4. In the vpsBandwith box, enter the bandwidth in mb, otherwise, use the 0 string for unlimited bandwidth.

chosen Automatically set up the product as soon as the first payment is received for immediate delivery after payment.

Screenshot 20181101 233033.png

Now go to the custom fields tab.

Create two Field Name with vpsid and password phrases.

  • First enter the vpsid word and select Save Changes, then enter the password in the new box and save it again.
Screenshot 20181101 233055.png

After doing the above step, go to the Customize Email templates article.

  • Note: If you want to provide users with their old orders, use the User Generation service in the panel via the Add exist VM to platform article.