Install WHMCS module

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Go to the AutoVM admin area and create two users. One user type must be Admin and the other Free. Then you can see two Tokens for the created accounts. (Copy them)

Download and upload the WHMCS module file from AutoVM LAB, and extract the module file on the WHMCS root directory.

Open config.php file from the WHMCS/includes/hooks/autovm directory.

Replace the admin token on the AUTOVM_ADMIN_TOKEN, and replace the user token on the AUTOVM_USER_TOKEN.

go to WHMCS admin area > Addon, and Enable Machine and AutoVM options.

Go to the WHMCS admin area > Product and create a product group with a name.

then, on the configurable options, create a product with the name:


Add your Operating systems exact like to follow names:

Ubuntu 18 64
Ubuntu 20 64
Debian 8 64 
Debian 10 64
CentOS 7 64
CentOS 8 64
Alma 8 64
Rocky 8 64
Windows 2012 64
Windows 2016 64
Windows 2019 64

Go to Products/Services and create a product.

Go to Module and choose the Product option and then enter the ProductID.