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About AutoVM versions

What is AutoVM?

AutoVM is an open-source platform to manage virtual machines(VM) on the VMware ESXI virtualization which allows the VPS providers to manage full automation of support and sales process. AutoVM platform is a good choice for hosting and VPS providers to increase their service quality that can supports all ESXi versions.

AutoVM features
  • VM bandwidth monitoring system.
  • Install easily without any changes on the ESXI servers.
  • Free modules for managing VPS on the WHMCS client area.
  • Auto Provisioning VM After Payment Successfully.
  • Auto-assign IP and Network adapter once VM created.
  • Auto installation of the operating system.
  • Ability to assign the existing VM created for WHMCS users.
  • VM HTML console
  • Template customization.
What is AutoVM+?

AutoVM+ is another version of AutoVM that includes more features for professional users or larger scales hosting that can helps to automatically provide cloud-based services to the customers. AutoVM+ is fully compatible with VMware which means you can use all the VMware features to make your own cloud!

AutoVM+ features
  • Pay as you go service.
  • Create VAPP, cluster, resources by client!
  • Discover VMs, Storages, Clusters, VAPPs, Datacenters, and Networks automatically!
  • VMware High Availability.
  • Support OAuth service.
  • Run Bash/Batch, Python, or any scripts after VM installation.
  • Manage IPs by the platform.
  • Distributed switch.
  • support VSAN, Storage DRS
  • Clone the existing VM by client!
  • Create custom management control panel by the API

what is the difference between AutoVM versions?

AutoVM is free and open-source that does not require any payment or order. However, the plus version is open-source but requires to purchase of the support plan from the client area.

Before the start

If you have any questions, please read FAQs article first and if you do not find your answer, please ask your question in the community or client area.


The AutoVM platform is designed to be compatible with default VMware ESXI settings and does not require any changes in the network design. To launch the AutoVM platform, you can download ova template from the LAB.

Setting up


AutoVM Plus