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== Setting up ==
== Setting up ==

* [[Installation]]
* [[Before start]]
** [[Deploy AutoVM ova template]]
* [[Deploy ova]]
** [[Deploy ova on VCenter]]
* [[Add VCenter]]
* [[Add server]]
* [[Network configuration]]
* [[Network configuration]]
* [[Pool]]
* [[Create Pool]]
* [[Storage policy]]
* [[Storage policy]]
** [[policies]]
* [[Create Node]]
* [[Node]]
* [[Create VM]]
* [[Create VM]]
* [[Install WHMCS module]]
* [[Install WHMCS module]]
* [[Bandwidth on ESXi]]
* [[Add currently VMs]]
* [[Region]]
* [[Product]]
== Administration ==
* [[Error list]]
* [[Create template for platform]]
* [[Create template]]
* [[Config SMTP server]]
* [[Config SMTP server]]
* [[VM name Configuration]]
* [[Customize VM name]]
* [[Common errors]]
* [[Create storage policy]]
* [[Create Region]]
* [[Create Product]]
* [[Install WHMCS hourly payment module]]
* [[Enable bandwidth on ESXi]]

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What is AutoVM

AutoVM is a platform to manage virtual machines(VM) on hypervisors such as VMware ESXi, allowing hosting or cloud companies to provide complete support and sales process automation. AutoVM platform is a good choice for hosting and VPS providers to increase their service quality, which can help offer customers cloud-based services.

AutoVM features

  • Powerful API service.
  • Auto Provisioning VM and auto-installation of the operating system.
  • Auto-assign IP and Network adapter once VM is created.
  • VM bandwidth monitoring system.
  • Pay as you go service.
  • Support Distributed switch, VSAN, Storage DRS, Storage policy, cluster, resource pool, VAPP.
  • Synchronizes VMs, Storages, Clusters, VAPPs, Datacenters, and Networks automatically.
  • OAuth support.
  • Run Bash/Batch, Python, or any scripts after VM installation.
  • Manage IPs by the platform.
  • Free modules for managing VPS on the WHMCS client area.
  • VM HTML console
  • Template customization.

Before the start

If you have any questions, please read FAQs article first, and if you do not find your answer, please ask your question in the client area.


AutoVM platform is designed to be compatible with default VMware ESXI settings and does not require any changes in the network design.

Setting up