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Welcome to AutoVM WKI.

Before the start

If you have any question, please read FAQs article first and if you do not find your answer, please ask your question in the community.

About AutoVM

AutoVM is an open source platform to manage virtual machines(VM) on the VMware ESXI virtualization which allows the VPS providers to manage full automation of support and sales process. The AutoVM platform is a good choice for hosting and VPS providers to increase their service quality. The AutoVM platform can support all the current version of ESXI virtualization and will soon be added to the KVM virtualization.

Security information

In AutoVM platform, we have been paying particular attention to this issue, due to the importance of this issue and prevention of irreparable damage, we have tried to use the best tools and mechanisms. One of its best features is being open source and using the most secure PHP framework (YII) in the algorithms such as AES, to protect all of the servers information.

Some of the features

  • Bandwidth monitoring and manage VPS traffic usage.
  • Install easily without any changes on the ESXI servers.
  • Free modules for manage VPS on the WHMCS client area.
  • Auto Provisioning VM After Payment Successfully.
  • Auto assign IP and Network adapter once VM created.
  • Auto installation of the operating system.
  • Ability to assign the existing VM created for WHMCS users.


The AutoVM platform is designed to be compatible with default VMware ESXI settings and does not require any changes in the network design. To launch the AutoVM platform, you can download ova template from the LAB.

Setting up


AutoVM 3.1.2

  • Fixed some WHMCS Module Issues

AutoVM 3.1.1

  • Enable/Disable Virtual Machine SnapShot Feature
  • Improved Report Display
  • Added Feature: Displaying Virtual Machines Suspension Details

AutoVM 3.1.0

  • New Published Versions will be announced
  • Fixed: Virtual Server Log display Issue
  • Fixed some issues

AutoVM 3.0.2

  • Fixed some platform issues

AutoVM 3.0.1

  • Fixed some platform update issues

AutoVM 3.0.0

  • After Ending renewal period Virtual Machines can be removed
  • Improved Management & Client UI
  • Improved Connection to Virtual Server's Console
  • 30-Days Free Trial Licence Creation Issues fixed
  • Improved Connection to License Server

AutoVM 2.9.2

  • Improved Connection to License Server

AutoVM 2.9.1

  • New Feature:

Mikrotik OS Automatic Installation & Configuration is now added.

AutoVM 2.9.0

  • New Features:

Product automatic upgrade in WHMCS is now available through Client’s Panel Upgrade & Add new Information is available in Virtual Server Virtual Servers Configuration through AutoVM Management Panel is now available

AutoVM 2.8.5

  • Fixed Displaying Virtual Server IP Issue while WHMCS management panel run out of IP addresses.
  • Improved IP Selection Box in WHMCS when using several Virtual Servers.

AutoVM 2.8.4

  • Improved WHMCS Module UI in OS Installation
  • New Feature:

you can now add several servers in one Service

AutoVM 2.8.3

  • Increased Platform Management Security

AutoVM 2.8.2

  • Improved Functions:
  • Adding new users in Panel
  • License delivery

AutoVM 2.8.1

  • Email Search feature in Users Section
  • Client Control Access from Virtual Servers Section
  • Improved License Connectivity

AutoVM 2.7.1

  • Improved License Connectivity
  • Platform Stability Enhancement

AutoVM 2.7.0

  • Server Status Monitoring Enhancement ( Showing Unavailable Templates )
  • Login to Client Panel through Virtual Servers section

AutoVM 2.6.0

  • WHMCS Module Error fix

AutoVM 2.5.9

  • Enhanced with VLAN IP feature ( sharing IP Addresses between Servers )

AutoVM 2.5.8’

  • Improved Server Connection and License Information Monitoring

AutoVM 2.6.7

  • Virtual Server Backup and Restore using SnapShot, available for Clients

AutoVM 2.5.6

  • ISO upload availability
  • Login as Client through Administrators Panel
  • Displaying Virtual Server OS Username for Clients

AutoVM 2.5.5

  • Disk Provisions can now set on Virtual Servers
  • Improved Virtual Server Management Monitoring

AutoVM 2.5.4

  • Adapter Types can now Set for every Operating System

AutoVM 2.5.3

  • fixed Virtual Server Shutdown Error due to expiration
  • fixed Virtual Server Suspend Error due to bandwidth limit

AutoVM 2.5.2

  • you may have Several IP addresses for one Virtual Servers
  • you can now have Additional NIC on your Virtual Servers

AutoVM 2.5.1

  • Fixed Console Connection error for Virtual Servers
  • Improved Service Suspend Function due to Expiration

AutoVM 2.5.0

  • AutoVM Management Panel new template is available now
  • Optional VM Hardware Version
  • Optional Virtual Server NIC type
  • Improved Virtual Server Console Connectivity
  • Improved MAC Address editing function
  • Client password change through Administration Panel

AutoVM 2.4.6

  • New feature: Database Automatic Update

AutoVM 2.4.5

  • OS Installation Error through WHMCS Panel fixed
  • Opening Console Password is now Removed

AutoVM 2.4.4

  • Improved User Interface and fixed issues

AutoVM 2.4.3

  • Improved Display of License information and Connection Status

AutoVM 2.4.3

  • Improved Display of License information and Connection Status

AutoVM 2.4.2

  • Improved AutoVM Platform Status Display

AutoVM 2.4.1

  • Fix errors that may occur during OS Installation

AutoVM 2.4.0

  • Fix Server Datastore Automatic Detection error

AutoVM 2.3.9

  • Fix Virtual Server Bandwidth management errors
  • Fix automatic Storage selection issues during Instant delivery
  • Automatic Virtual Server Datastore detection feature

AutoVM 2.3.8

  • New feature: Automatic Virtual Server Datastore selection for Instant Delivery
  • If you put a 0 in datastoreid configuration page, AutoVM Platform will automatically choose the most suitable storage available.

AutoVM 2.3.7

  • New update to fix latest update errors

AutoVM 2.3.6

  • 1 month free License for unlimited Dedicated Servers
  • AutoVM Platform Automatic update feature through administration panel

AutoVM 2.3.5

  • VMware ESXI dedicated server resource monitoring
  • Server Status Monitoring feature and log report are now available through AutoVM Platform

AutoVM 2.3.0

  • Fix Bandwidth monitoring issues
  • Updated Virtual Server status service
  • AutoVM Client panel increased speed

AutoVM 2.2.0

  • Second version of WHMCS update includes:
  • Automatic OS Installation feature
  • Virtual Machine Username and Password display
  • Virtual Machine information and IP Address display
  • Locate Icon for AutoVM Platform Login page
  • Virtual Machine Shutdown and Reboot logs report are now available
  • Compatible with AutoVM Platform templates
  • Virtual Server IP address display available through WHMCS administration

AutoVM 2.1.0

  • Enhanced AutoVM Platform security
  • Fix latest update issues

AutoVM 2.0.3

  • CentOS 7.0 added

AutoVM 2.0.2

  • Fix Password confirmation error due to Operating System Installation

AutoVM 2.0.1

  • Automatic AutoVM Platform Installation
  • Right to Left panel layout added
  • Fix latest update issues

AutoVM 2.0.0

  • User Interface changed
  • All pages are now Responsive
  • Connection to VCenter is now available
  • Fixed some issues
  • Added features:
  • Virtual Machine Console
  • Virtual Machine Status Monitoring
  • Operating System Installation Progress monitoring

AutoVM 1.0.1

  • Advanced Dedicated Server Password Encryption
  • Root partition or C drive in Storage is now Extendable
  • Fixed some issues