Platform Performance Errors

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How can we be sure if the server is working correctly?

In order to check, go to your managing panel in Autovm and go to dedicated servers and click on 'View' which has a magnifying glass icon. If everything has the OK Status, then the server is working correctly, if not, check the information for each error

In the managing section, you have created a VM and the 'Your new vps has been created' is shown but nothing has happened in the server

After creating the VM, you should login with your clients information and choose an operation system and for password it should contain capital and small case letters and numbers in order to install it.

After ordering, the operation system is not installed

In order to receive the service, you should Customize Email templates and then login with the received information and install your chosen operation system.

A service after its expiring time, is not deleted from the server

This is not an error, the clients information is saved and if a new order comes, it will replace the expired one.

Requesting for free license won't be send

Your free license has been expired