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Change your Datastores name to the datastoreX such as change datastore name instruction.

Download the Operating System templates from the LAB and then Deploy template on the ESXI Server. (Do not turn on the VM after deploying.)

Enable SSH service in ESXi server and then Select the Configuration tab, locate and open the Software list box. Afterwards select Security Profile. In the Firewall section, select the Properties link to display the Firewall Properties dialog. In the dialog, scroll to select GDBServer and click OK. thereafter in Firewall section, Select the SSH Server and click on Firewall icon then enter the AutoVM node IP address.

Change the name of all existing machines on your server to their IP Address (for example, rename a machine named ubuntu- to the VM IP (

Finally, Add your Server on the Dedicated servers section in AutoVM admin area.

Other Settings

For check the system works properly on the ESXI server, go to the Dedicated Servers section and click on the view icon that appears with the magnifying and checks that all items are displayed OK and otherwise click on Option Description for each error.

Notice-1: If you want to create a VM, go to users section in the AutoVM admin area, Then click on create VPS. Afterward, go to Virtual machine section, and click on VM view (Magnifier icon), And choose the change OS button to install VM.
Notice-2: To add your existing VM into the AutoVM, install WHMCS module because AutoVM platform use particularly configuration. in this case, follow installation step by step until the end.
Next step: WHMCS configuration