WHMCS configuration

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If you encounter an error while installing the WHMCS module, please read the WHMCS module installation error page.

At first, in the AutoVM Admin area, go to the APIs section and click on the Create New option.

To launch the WHMCS AutoVM module, download the WHMCS plugin from the LAB and then paste it into the main directory of the WHMCS script:


Go to the WHMCS Admin section and following address:

setup -> Products/Services -> Servers

Click on the Add New Server button.

In the Name field, enter autovm.

In the IP section, enter your panel address such as:

Then, in the Type menu, select Autovm and enter your API key in the Username field.

In the password box, do not enter any statement.

Click Save Changes to capture the information inside the system.

After completing the above steps, please refer to the Create products at WHMCS instructions.