WHMCS module installation error

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WHMCS & Modules Installation Errors

WHMCS module does not create the product after purchase.

  1. according to the Module Installation guide check your configurations. in the web site main page you can see our video of how to setup module installation.
  2. the issue can be caused by wrong ID.
  1. there is no IP address left to use.

Virtual Server after reaching expiration date doesn't get suspended or terminated.

  1. make sure that vpsid is written in lower case in Create products.

Operating System installation doesn't start after purchase.

to deliver the service after purchasing the product you must check the Customize Email Templates.

after reaching the expiration date service doesn't get terminated. this is not an error and it happens to save the last client's data, in case of recieving a new order, the old service will be replaced by the new one.